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We are located at :

Piccadilly Nursery School
Mohammed Bin Zayed City,
Zone 19,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

T: +971 25 53 79 56
F: +971 25 53 45 69
M: +971 503 140 058

The british nursery that offers superior child care facility

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World of Piccadilly

We ensure well-directed early learning opportunities for your children through their involvement in a wide range of practical and educational activities. This is supplemented with the support of one-to-one teaching directed at each child’s specific educational requirements and wellbeing.

Piccadilly occupies a total area of 10,000 square feet of Villa land, and possibly, this is the largest pre-schooling facility in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The premises comprises of 6 spacious class rooms, 2 large entertainment and activity areas, a well equipped clinic with a full time certified nurse, a library, a sensory room, and other facilities.

world of piccadilly


We have our classrooms divided into the following sections
according to age grouping:

Baby Class
6 Months +

Toddler Class
Walking Stage
to 2 Years

Movers Class
2 to 3 years

Nursery Class
3 to 4 years

Every child’s development is as unique as their own individuality. The age/stage bands might overlap because these are not fixed age boundaries but a suggested typical range of development.

Activity Stations

Having focussed on providing a holistic development for your children, we have come up with a wide range of activities at Piccadilly which are divided into individual areas or stations:

  • A sensory room.
  • Role play and imagination area with a theatrical feeling.
  • Library as well as books in every room.
  • Interactive technology.
  • Lunch room.
  • Large outside play area.
  • Outside class room.
  • Music time.
  • In door Gym & soft play area.

At Piccadilly we are very concerned about the safety of every child. Hence, we have

  • CCTV monitoring the entire premises and out door playing area.
  • Well protected edges, covered electric sockets, gated play area, soft flooring, wall fixed cupboards, electronic gates etc.
  • Safe toys selection.
  • First Aid trained staff members.
  • Full-Time Staff Nurse.
  • Full -Time Cleaners.

  • Professional Security Guard.
  • Age Appropriate toys.

  • Steam cleaning no harsh chemicals.
  • Fire protection Sprinkler system.